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Normal vs Dangerous Odors From Your Heater

The last thing you want to worry about when winter hits is how your heater will perform. You need a reliable heating system that turns on at the touch of a button and keeps your family warm with no issues. Unfortunately, heater repairs commonly occur when you suddenly need to use your heater more often. One of the signs of a heater repair that you should never ignore is a strange smell.

Furnace smells can range from inconvenient to downright dangerous. Blanco AC, Electrical & Plumbing is here to explain the difference between normal and problematic furnace odors. Don’t ignore a foul heater odor, especially when qualified heater repairs are just a call away!

Burning Dust Smells

Here in Blanco, we all know that our heaters don’t get as much use throughout the year as our air conditioners. When you first turn on your heater for the cooler season, you might notice a dusty burning smell around your home. Usually, this odor is normal. Your heater will have collected some particles during its off-season, and the dust tends to burn off. If this odor doesn’t fade away within the first few hours or days, shut down your system and call for a heater repair. You don’t want to risk your safety!

Harsh Burning Smells

Now, it may seem like all burning materials smell the same, but dust will smell differently than other burning components in your furnace. If you smell burning rubber, oil or plastic, this is likely because the system is overheating. It’s important to shut down the system to avoid any further damage to the inner components of the heater. A certified heating expert will then be able to locate and solve the problem.

Rotten Smells

If you ever smell rotten eggs or sewage odors from your heater, it’s not a normal sign. Sewage smells could indicate a sewage line break or rotting carcass near your system. The source will need to be cleared so your system can deliver fresh air to your home. Also, natural gas companies purposefully insert chemicals into odorless gases to make leak detection easier. If you smell rotten eggs, it’s best to leave the area immediately and call emergency services to ensure a gas leak isn’t present.

Mold Smells

If you notice your heater smells musty or moldy, it’s probably because there is mold present somewhere inside the HVAC system. Once mold takes hold, it can spread inside the heating unit and throughout the ducts. You may need a professional cleaning completed to return your HVAC system and indoor air quality to the best health.

Chemical Smells

Besides a gas leak, chemical smells indicate the second most dangerous situation for your home. A crack in the heat exchanger within your furnace could release a chemical smell as well as introduce carbon monoxide into your home. A cracked heat exchanger also significantly increases the risk of fire in your home. Shut down your system and call for professional help.

Smoke Smells

Specifically, if you own a gas furnace, then combustion is necessary for the heating process to occur. The combustion exhaust has to be expelled from your home. If the exhaust vent is blocked, the smoke may enter your ductwork and home. If the smell is fairly faint, you may be able to open a window and wait for a professional. If the odor is very strong, it’s best to leave the home until an expert arrives.

Furnace Repairs That Clear The Air!

Here at Blanco AC, Electrical & Plumbing, we’re dedicated to your comfort. When your heater starts making your home a rather smelly place to live, don’t suffer through it! Take the safe and easy route by calling our team to quickly fix the problem. Contact us today to start your service request!

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