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Whole-Home Rewiring Services

The number one cause of residential electrical fires is old or faulty wiring. Your home’s safety is largely determined by how well your electrical system is contained and maintained. When was the last time you had your home evaluated for electrical safety?

Blanco AC, Electrical & Plumbing isn’t here to scare you, we’re here to tell you the truth. If you’ve never considered rewiring your home, it’s time to think about it. You never want to wait too long and put your family in danger, especially with how much electricity we use every day!

Modern Electrical Loads

If your home was built several decades ago, the electrical system was not designed or installed by the requirements of current electrical codes or energy demand. Just in the last 10 years alone, our use of electrical devices has skyrocketed. Plus, we use devices now that weren’t even created when your home was built. This means that the further we travel in time, the less your home will be prepared for your modern electrical needs.

Signs You Need A Whole-Home Rewire

The first thing to know about rewiring your home is that it’s not a common occurrence. Most homes that are functioning normally require a new wire system only after time has taken its toll. Homes over 30 years old should have an electrical inspection completed at the very least, but the older it is the more likely that your home is ready to be rewired. 

Some other indicators that you need a while-home rewire are:

What To Expect From A Whole-Home Rewire

You may wonder how your entire home can be rewired without affecting your home at all, but we’re here to explain that as well! If you choose to invest in rewiring your home, our team will go step by step to ensure the process is safe and minimally invasive to your home.


First, our team disconnects the old wiring in your home. If possible, we will remove the old wires, but leaving them in the walls doesn’t hurt anyone as long as they are safe and not connected to power anymore. 

Adding New Wires

Next, our team uses clever strategies to connect new wiring throughout your home. By using basements, crawl spaces and attics, we don’t have to take down drywall or take your home down to the studs. Although we may have to drill small holes in certain areas, we keep it to a minimum. 

Updating Electricity Access

Finally, we attach switches and outlets to make sure you have safe access to power throughout your home. We never leave your home without testing the entire system for function and safety!

A whole-home rewire timeline can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the project and the layout of your home. On average, a whole-home rewire can take anywhere from 3 to 10 days. 

Think You Need Rewiring Services?

We know that choosing an electrical contractor can be difficult. You want a team you can trust to get the job done right and treat your home with the respect it deserves. Here at Blanco AC, Electrical & Plumbing, we are dedicated to doing just that. If you suspect your home is ready for electrical rewiring, contact us today to speak to a professional!

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