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Slab Leak Repair

Blanco Slab Leak Repair Services

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It’s extremely likely that every homeowner will deal with a leaking pipe or two throughout the years. This simple problem comes with a simple fix. However, not all leaks are so easy to fix, let alone find. Slab leaks are easily one of the worst problems a homeowner can face. Luckily, the experts at Blanco AC, Electrical & Plumbing are ready to help by taking on the task of finding and repairing these complicated, destructive leaks.

slab leak repair services in blanco

What Is a Slab Leak?

Slab leaks are relatively self-explanatory. When the piping in your foundation slab begins leaking, homeowners deal with a slab leak. These leaks can cause a significant amount of damage to a home’s foundation and flooring if left unchecked. Not to mention, they’re difficult to repair because they’re encased in cement.

What Causes a Slab Leak?

Slab leaks can be caused by a variety of issues, from faulty installation to weakened water lines and corrosion in the pipes. One common cause is soil shifting under the foundation. Time and weather can sometimes cause the sediment underneath a home’s foundation to settle or shift, which puts strain on the foundation and can cause the pipes within to fracture or bust completely.

Signs You Have a Slab Leak

Slab leaks are notoriously difficult to detect before they begin causing damage, with good reason. They usually remain hidden until they’ve already become a bigger problem. However, recognizing the signs of a slab leak can help you spot the problem as fast as possible and minimize the damage it causes. Signs of a slab leak include:

  • Wet carpet or warped hardwood flooring
  • Hot spots on the floor
  • Low water pressure
  • Uncommonly high water bills
  • Mold or mildew smell

These are all sure signs of a problem, and if you’re lucky, that problem will be a regular pipe leak. However, you should call a reliable plumbing company like Blanco AC immediately if you notice any of the signs listed above and tell them you suspect a slab leak.

Slab Leak Detection and Repair

When you call us for a slab leak, our plumber will use special leak detection equipment to locate the leak and assess the damage it has caused. Once they have a better understanding of the problem, the plumber will recommend the best course of action to repair the leak.

Because making slab leak repairs is usually a complicated process, many plumbing companies won’t even provide the service, which can leave homeowners hanging with no help when they need it most. The Blanco AC team is committed to providing full plumbing services to all our customers, even if it means getting our hands dirty. Even slab leaks can’t stand in the way of our commitment to our customers! Our team will work quickly to repair the leak and do everything we can to return your plumbing to its proper function.

Why Choose Blanco AC

For over 25 years, Blanco AC has been providing excellent customer service and quality workmanship to our customers in the Blanco area. We treat every customer like family because we’re your neighbors — it’s what we do.

We provide the slab leak detection Blanco residents count on to prevent damage to their homes. When it’s time to fix the problem, we won’t shy away from the repair job, no matter how big.

If you need help with a slab leak, contact Blanco AC, Electrical & Plumbing today for more information and begin a service request.


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