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Security Lighting System Installation

No matter where you live or work, safety should always be a priority. While you can control your own behaviors, you can’t control what others will do. When your home or business is violated by criminal behaviors or a robbery, you’ll want to find a way to regain your sense of security. 

Luckily, Blanco AC, Electrical & Plumbing can help you! With a comprehensive security lighting system, the risk of repeat criminal presence is significantly reduced. With lights that deter and illuminate any people approaching your business or home, you’ll feel safe and in control again in no time!

Benefits of Installing Security Lights

If you have already invested in a home security system, you may wonder how a simple thing like light could make any difference in your safety. When night falls, your first defense against intruders or unwanted activity is to simply make your home look like a difficult target. Check out some of the best advantages security lighting can provide to your home.


A potential intruder will be far less likely to attempt any criminal activity around a home that is well lit. They have nowhere to hide and are likely to be recognized or spotted before they can get what they’re after. A well-lit house is the best signifier to make a burglar move on down the block. Plus, if your home is well lit, your neighbors will have an easier time keeping watch on your property as well. 

Critter Defense

Some homes struggle with unwanted animals roaming their yards and gardens at night. If you suspect skunks, raccoons or armadillos are using your yard as their personal buffet, security lighting could be the solution to scare them off.

Increased Property Value

Safety is desirable. Not only do you want it while you are living in your home, but potential buyers will also want it if you ever decide to sell. An investment in your safety and security can raise the value of your home later on!

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Residential & Commercial Security Lighting Services

We want our services to cover every aspect of your security needs — especially when it comes to your safety and your family’s safety. That’s why we offer such an extensive list of security lighting services to our customers. If you’re interested in installing security lighting, check out some of the common light systems we install for maximum security:

  • Patio Lights — Though simple lights on your patio may seem minor, they contribute to the overall awareness of your home. Lights allow you to safely host guests outdoors at night, but they also signify that someone’s home. If you can ward off nighttime visitors, including people and animals, why not do it?
  • Landscape Lighting — You may think these lights just illuminate your gardens or plants, but they also light up sidewalks and parking areas. Any area around your home left dark is a potential vulnerability for suspicious activity. 
  • Floodlights — Intentionally installing floodlights is a great step to keeping your home safe. Floodlights produce a wide swath of strong light to illuminate backyards or driveways and ward off suspected criminal activity all from the safety of inside your home.
  • Motion Sensor Lighting — Another trustworthy system uses motion sensors to turn on bright lights when movement is detected. Not only can you have peace of mind that your home will be protected while you sleep, but you also save energy because the lights only turn on when motion is sensed. 
  • Timed Lighting — You can even protect your home while you are away! Your entire security light system can be set to turn on at certain times, making your security more automated and dependable. 

Your Secure Electrical Team

When it comes to security, don’t mess around. You need a reliable team of expert electricians to install the perfect lighting system to protect your home. If you’re ready to find that peace and confidence in your home security, contact Blanco AC, Electrical & Plumbing today!

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