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Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless Water Heater Installation & Repair

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When most people think of a water heater, they imagine a hot water hold tank that heats a certain amount of water at a time, holds it in the tank until you’re ready to use it and — most importantly — runs out when you use too much hot water too fast. But water heaters don’t all fit this image anymore. Tankless water heaters provide instantaneous hot water as needed, without a holding tank. This alternate type of water heater could be the perfect solution to your hot water problems.

Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

The unique design of a tankless water heater comes with a host of benefits that traditional water heaters just can’t match:

  • Hot Water On Demand: With tankless water heaters, you only have to wait seconds for hot water to come out of the faucet. This is because tankless models are generally installed much closer to your bathroom or kitchen than traditional water heaters due to the small, versatile design of the appliance. That means no more waiting minutes for lukewarm water.
  • Energy Efficiency: Because tankless models don’t have a holding tank, they don’t use energy to keep water warm, instead only using energy when you need hot water.
  • Hot Water Without Limits: When you turn on the hot water tap, the water heater will work to continuously provide hot water until you don’t need it anymore — not until it runs out. While there are limits to how much hot water the water heater can supply at the same time (not everyone should shower at once), you won’t ever run out of hot water due to time.
  • Longer Lifespan: Tankless water heaters last an average of 10 years longer than traditional water heaters, meaning your tankless system should last you 20-25 years without issue.

With so many benefits, what’s the catch? Tankless water heaters can be much more expensive upfront, especially if your large household requires more than one. However, a tankless water heater’s long lifespan and high energy efficiency mean the high installation cost will pay for itself and then some over time, something traditional water heaters don’t do.

Tankless Water Heater Installation

Tankless water heaters may be the perfect choice for your needs and budget. Not only do they take up less space than traditional water heaters, but their high efficiency will save you money in the long run. If you’re ready to install a tankless water heater, whether you’re getting one for the first time or replacing your old one, Blanco AC, Electrical & Plumbing has you covered. Call us today to get started!

Tankless Water Heater Repairs and Maintenance

Like all appliances, tankless water heaters need regular maintenance to keep them running efficiently for as long as possible. Whether you need your water heater flushed out or you’re experiencing issues with the system, the experts at Blanco AC can take care of it. Our team of plumbers takes pride in providing quality work and stellar customer service, whether they’re performing regular maintenance or inspecting the system to pinpoint a hidden repair.

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If you need any kind of service for your tankless water heater, Blanco AC, Electrical & Plumbing is here to help. Contact us today to start a service request.


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