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DIY Heater Troubleshooting

Let’s set the scene: You’re in the middle of Texas’ first cold front of the season and your heater starts struggling. Your home is getting colder by the minute and you have to decide if you can figure out the problem or if you have to call a professional. We’ve all been here, and we all want to choose the easiest solution to get our homes warm again.

Blanco AC, Electrical & Plumbing completely supports homeowners addressing their own heater problems. However, there are certain situations when we recommend professional furnace repair over DIY heater repair. Let’s go through some of the situations when you can troubleshoot your heater and some when you shouldn’t.

Common Heater Repairs You Can Fix

If you’re ready to figure out why your heater isn’t warming your home, always make sure to be safe. Shut down your system if you’re handling moving parts and be aware of the risks of working on your heater. 

Clogged Filter

There’s a reason why it’s recommended that you clean your filter every couple of months. Your air is full of particles, and the filter removes these particles every second of the day. Once your filter gets full, the air moving to your home has a harder time passing through. This may cause your home to stay chilly if the warm air from the heater can’t reach the rooms it’s supposed to. Locating and cleaning the filter is a great place to start your troubleshooting.

Fan Limit Switch

Your furnace has a switch that basically tells the fan inside when to blow the warm air into the ducts. If this switch gets tripped, your fan might be blowing at all times, even when the furnace isn’t warming air. This could cause cooler air to come from your vents. You can locate the fan limit switch inside the furnace panel cover in the upper right corner. If the small white button is pressed in, your fan is stuck on manual mode. Reset the fan to AUTO so that it runs only when the heating cycle is running. If the fan still runs after this, you’ll need a professional to replace it.

Thermostat Issues

The sensors and connection between your thermostat and heater can malfunction. Test this by setting your thermostat warmer than it is in your home. Does the heater turn on? Next, see how long it takes your heater to reach the desired temperature. If the heater struggles to turn on or finish its cycle in a timely manner, a professional will need to be called.

Professional Furnace Repairs

Our team recommends calling a professional for the following kinds of repairs. We want to keep you and your home safe, and amateur heater repairs can risk house fires, carbon monoxide poisoning and other health hazards.

  • Pilot Light Issues
  • Gas Leaks
  • Strange Noises

Easy, Reliable Furnace Repairs 

Don’t stress yourself out trying to fix your heater when our team has decades of knowledge on the subject. Let us complete your heater repair quickly and get you back to feeling cozy in your home. If you want to rest easy knowing your heater repair will last, contact us at Blanco AC, Electrical & Plumbing today!

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