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Why Is My Water Brown?

August 17, 2022 | Blog

When you think of water, what comes to mind? A cool, clear, refreshing beverage, or a muddy-colored one? We’re going to go out on a whim and say you’d probably think of the former. However, discoloration often indicates poor water quality, a real possibility that homeowners have to face.

What is the true cause of this though? How dangerous is it? Will it be a simple fix or a more serious problem, something you’re facing alone or a problem striking the whole neighborhood? No matter what the cause is, Blanco AC, Electric & Plumbing is ready to help all Texas homeowners fix their plumbing problems.

Below, they’ve given the possible reasons your water might change color, how to fix these problems and everything else you will need to know. If needed, the company will also offer Blanco plumbing repairs.

Causes Of Brown Water

If the contents of your tap turn brown, it’s often an indication of disturbances or breaks in the water main or adjacent construction. This activates accumulated deposits such as minerals, sediment and rust, all of which can enter the home’s water supply when they’re dislodged from the pipes.

The most common reason for poor water quality is when pipes have been damaged or recently repaired. Drops in pressure can also occur when the water is switched off and back on, with sudden drops being indicative of rusted pipes that, left unattended, could create a leak. Don’t worry though! Usually, brown water will clear away on its own within a few hours. If it doesn’t, consider calling for a professional’s opinion

Is Discolored-Water Dangerous?

Brown water is, without a doubt, unappealing to look at. For this reason you might be thinking “is it dangerous?” or “will drinking this make me sick?” The answer is no, however, it can indicate your supply contains a substantial amount of iron, a naturally occurring metal in soil. As such, it’s not recommended to drink it.

If left unattended, rusty pipes can become a major problem. You might not have to have been told this, but rusty pipes create rusty water, a literal breeding ground for multiple forms of bacteria. Additionally, a rust buildup can corrode and crack pipes, exposing water to various airborne contaminants. If a rusty pipe leads to a leak, there’s a risk of mold and mildew growing in your home, resulting in a major health hazard.

Ways To Fix Poor Water Quality

Before calling the professionals, try fixing the problem, and save some money by running your tap cold for about 20 minutes. If this doesn’t work, call the local town or city and ask if the city’s pipes are to blame. Additionally, tell the city’s utility provider to inspect the pipes and flush out the brown water with a fire hydrant.

If you’re facing the same situation after having done everything listed above, you’ll have to take other measures to fix it. This includes checking if problems are coming from hot or cold water only. If your water’s brown only when it’s hot, there could be problems with your water heater. This includes needing to flush it out, the scale inside having fallen to the bottom or the inside becoming rusted. Any such problems will require the heater to be inspected. Rust indicates that it might be time to look for a replacement.

Additionally, ask your neighbors if they are experiencing similar problems. If they are, that means there’s nothing wrong with your pipes! When an entire neighborhood is facing the same problem, there’s an issue with the piping that has to be resolved by the utility provider. If it’s only your house, you will have to call for Blanco plumbing repairs and have someone flush out the rust in your pipes.

After this is done, there’s still a possibility that you will see bits of brown water. To resolve this issue, consider filters and softeners.

Get Clear Water Again ASAP

When desperately in need of a drink, the last thing anyone wants is brown water. If you start noticing changes in your supply’s quality or color, immediately take action. Find out when it changes color, think about possible reasons and ask around to see where the problem originated.

If you decide that plumbing repairs are necessary, contact Blanco AC, Electric and Heating today and enjoy freshness again.

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