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How Does Ductless AC Work?

June 16, 2022 | Blog

Looking for a new air conditioning system can be confusing, especially with so many different types or versions. You may have heard of ductless AC and how convenient it is compared to a central, more traditional AC system. But what exactly are the differences, and which one is best for your space?

Below, you’ll find an explanation of how ductless AC works, the two types there are and how to know which is best for your needs. Once you learn the differences, get in touch with Blanco AC, Electric & Plumbing today for any ductless AC installations!

The Mechanics Behind Ductless AC

The ductless AC system works very similarly to a traditional system. The ductless AC goes through a refrigeration cycle that converts low-pressure gas into high-pressure gas via a compressor. Then, the heated air is pushed outdoors by a fan, and the refrigerant becomes high-pressure and turned into a low-pressure liquid by a metering device located at the evaporator coil.

All indoor air and heat energy is absorbed by the refrigerant and turned into cool air that is dispersed throughout the room/area.

What Are The Components?

There are several pieces of a ductless AC system that are very similar to a traditional one.

  • Condenser: the main part of any air conditioning system, this condenses low-pressure gas into high-pressure gas. Usually, this is often the most expensive part if ever needed to repair or replace.
  • Condensing coil: the condensing coils aid in turning all that hot refrigerant and high-pressure gas into a liquid form, so that the conversion cycle is easier.
  • Fan: this part helps to blow hot air outside, and pushes cycled air through the condensing coils that comes out cool.
  • Indoor unit: the inside AC, typically installed at the bottom or top of walls, also has an evaporator coil and a fan inside as well.
  • Ductless AC systems are convenient because they eliminate the need for ducted airways in your home or business, while still providing cool or warm air, and are more cost-efficient.

Where Is Ductless Air Conditioning Best Utilized

If you are working in spaces big or small, a ductless AC could be the best option for you.

When choosing ductless AC, you have the option of either a mini-split or a multi-split. A mini-split AC or heat pump has one outdoor unit, and the indoor unit mounted on your wall or floor. These are best for singular areas, such as a studio apartment, basements, garages, or small office space.

A multi-split ductless AC system allows you to connect multiple indoor units to one outdoor compressor, and cool or heat the air in multiple spaces. The multi-split allows each room to have personalized temperature and airflow options without affecting the other areas. This form of ductless AC is best for larger office buildings, hotels, apartments, and hospitals.

Go Ductless Today!

Ultimately, what kind of air conditioner you need depends on what space you are trying to cool or heat, and if you are looking for something more cost-efficient. Ductless allows you to personally control the airflow and temperature in your space, is highly versatile and produces low noise while still offering the same comfort as a traditional AC system.

For all AC repairs, air conditioning replacements and installations regarding ductless AC, Blanco has you covered. Contact us today!

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