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Does My Drain Clog Require a Plumber?

March 15, 2022 | Blog

The occasional clogged drain is an unavoidable part of life. At some point, tangled hair will inevitably overflow your tub or excessive scraps will block your kitchen sink. But when does a minor inconvenience become your drain’s cry for professional help?

Even if a drain clog doesn’t seem serious, it never hurts to contact a plumber. Blanco AC, Electric & Plumbing offers drain cleaning services to keep your pipes running smoothly.

However, you can also try to address the issue independently first. Follow these guidelines to figure out when to call a professional:

Try DIY Tips First…

Before reaching out to a plumbing company, you can employ a few home remedies. Try the following affordable, easy techniques:

Manually Remove the Clog

As your first line of attack, you can simply put on some gloves and attempt to pull out the blockage by hand. During this process, you’ll likely notice old food, bundles of hair or globs of dirt, all of which should be removed and discarded. 

Though it may sound gross, this method is often the easiest and most effective for fixing a minor clog.

Use Boiling Water

If your home has metal pipes, you can safely pour boiling water down the drain. The force and heat of the water can dislodge dirt that lies deeper inside. 

It should be noted, however, that this tactic isn’t appropriate for PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pipes. If you aren’t sure which pipes you have, a technician can inform you during a home inspection.

Try Bio-Clean (Not Traditional Drain Cleaners)

As tempting as it may be, avoid using chemical cleaners like Drano or Liquid-Plumr every time you suffer from a clogged drain. While this is an effective short-term fix, you may inadvertently damage your pipes or simply shrink blockage. Your goal should be to remove the blockage entirely.

Bio-Clean offers a PVC-safe alternative to boiling water rinses and damaging drain cleaners. This enzyme-based solution can dissolve PVC clogs without flooding your pipes with potentially corrosive materials. 

Remove U-Shaped Pipes

When your sink suffers a clog, you can remove the U-shaped pipe in the cabinet under the drain. After disassembling and applying gloves, try pushing out any blockage. Have a bucket handy to catch any liquids that may flow out! Once you’ve removed any noticeable dirt, return the pipe to its place.

Bring Out the Plunger and Auger

For toilets, the best solution is a good old-fashioned plunger and auger. The former loosens clogs, while the latter breaks up any blockage. In tandem, these tools can eliminate most toilet clogs. 

Then Schedule Drain Cleaning Services

If none of the aforementioned methods work (or if any of these techniques go awry) find professional help. Simple drain cleaning services can resolve a multitude of drain problems.

During this process, a plumber may use a motorized auger or hydro-jetter to eliminate severe blockage. Additionally, a professional can determine if your drain clog is a symptom of a more severe issue. In particular, any of the following situations merit an in-depth investigation:

  • Multiple clogged drains throughout your home may signal an extensive piping issue. The same goes for drains that constantly clog after repeated treatment.
  • If the stench of sewage accompanies a blockage, you might have to schedule a sewer line inspection.
  • When a plunger and auger don’t unblock a toilet, the clog may necessitate more powerful tools or extensive toilet repairs.

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