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Can Air Duct Problems Harm My AC?

Most homeowners consider their air conditioning unit to be the heart of their home. But if this is the case, your ventilation system is the veins that deliver air throughout your household! Your AC wouldn’t be able to function without the help of your ductwork. This being said, an issue with your ducts can be problematic for your air conditioner.

Blanco A/C, Electrical & Plumbing prioritizes your comfort above anything else. Our team of experts is fortunate to have served the Blanco area since 2006! We’ve compiled a guide to understanding your home’s ventilation system and how a problem can influence your air conditioning unit.

Commonly Misdiagnosed Duct Repairs

Have you ever experienced an issue with your heating and cooling units that won’t seem to stop? The culprit may be your air ducts! Occasionally, your air conditioner or heater may take the blame for a problem caused by your ventilation system.

Reduced Airflow May Be Incorrectly Sized Ducts

When airflow is restricted within your home, there are numerous factors that can cause the problem. Your air conditioner’s evaporator coils can malfunction and block air from circulating. Another common cause is an outdated air filter. However, incorrectly sized ductwork can cause an airflow obstruction or leak.

You may notice an odd noise in your home and mistake it for a noisy AC unit. But this sound usually comes from oversized air ducts, which allow air to escape. The issue may cause your air conditioner to overwork itself and run longer to achieve adequate temperatures. This can significantly damage your unit if the problem isn’t corrected.

IAQ Problems Stem From Filthy Vents

Indoor air quality problems are often blamed on your AC or heating systems. However, a dirty ventilation system can be the underlying cause of the issue. Your ducts don’t need to be cleaned regularly but should receive a cleaning every few years.

You can tell when your system needs cleaning if you notice an abnormal amount of dust in your home. Poor odors and unstable airflow can also indicate that your ducts are filthy. A professional can inspect your HVAC system and determine if cleaning will prevent the problem.

Inadequate Insulation Causes Higher Energy Bills

Improper insulation can waste high amounts of energy within your home. You may notice your household energy bill skyrocketing on a monthly basis. If this is the case, a common misdiagnosis is a direct issue with your heater or AC unit.

Inadequate insulation can also cause wear and tear to your air conditioner. The unit may run longer or when it’s not needed, which increases the risk of damage. If your system continues to do this, it will shorten its lifespan.

How Professional Ductwork Repair Maintains Your AC

Your air conditioner relies on an efficient ventilation system to operate. Problems with the ductwork can be detrimental to the unit, potentially shortening its lifespan. Professional duct repairs can help keep your system in good condition. A few ways your AC benefits from these services are:

  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Prevents short cycling
  • Boosts unit’s efficiency
  • Reduces damage to the unit
  • Prevents inadequate cooling

It’s crucial to maintain the integrity of your air conditioner. The machine plays a significant role in keeping you cool during the summer heat. A problem may result in a costly repair or replacement — and a lot of sweat!

Keep Cool With Blanco Air Duct Repair

When there’s an issue with your ventilation system, don’t power through the heat! The professionals at Blanco A/C, Electrical & Plumbing are prepared to correct any problem with your HVAC system. Contact us today to speak with an expert and schedule your next repair service!

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