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Heater Repair Scare Tactics Debunked

When your home is facing a chilly cold front, you need to be confident that your heater will start pumping warm air into your home at the touch of a button. If your furnace is struggling to perform the way it should, you’ll need a trustworthy local heater company in Blanco to help you out.

Blanco AC, Electrical & Plumbing has your back. Not only are we committed to providing the most thorough furnace repairs in the area, but we also hold ourselves to high standards of customer service. When you need Blanco HVAC services you can count on, we’re just a phone call away. Not all heater repair companies are honest, so we want to share with you some of the common techniques shady HVAC companies will use to cause you stress and cost you money!

The Double-Cross

If you ever see an offer for an unbelievably low furnace repair (or even free services), don’t fall for the bait. Some companies use tempting offers to get their team in your door. They then train their technicians to cause more problems to your furnace that weren’t there before. You’ll then end up paying the company outrageous amounts to fix the system they broke in the first place. Don’t let these companies get the best of you! 

The Threat To Health & Saftey

A fear tactic that some repair people try to use is a threat to your health or safety. Most commonly, they claim you have a cracked heat exchanger causing a carbon monoxide leak in your home.

To be clear, there are some rare instances when your heater can pose a threat to your safety — like an actual CO leak. However, the key to differentiating between a  technician who is trying to trick you and one who is not is in the actions they recommend you take. For example, if the technician is urging you to leave the home immediately and call emergency services because they suspect a gas leak, they are most likely authentically concerned about the problem. If the technician is urging you to pay them immediately so they can make a repair, they don’t seem so worried about your health. Keep an eye out for this scam!

The Cracked Heat Exchanger

As mentioned above, a cracked heat exchanger can pose risks for your home. It’s also a rather costly repair to your furnace. If a technician is reporting a cracked heat exchanger on your furnace, don’t take their word for it. Insist on seeing the crack in person — not just on the technician’s phone. Cracked heat exchangers are actually quite rare, so it’s a good idea to get a second opinion to ensure the diagnosis is correct.

The Upsell

Another easy way for HVAC companies to get more money out of you is by adding on a potentially expensive air duct cleaning. Your ductwork doesn’t actually need to be cleaned that often, and a few dusty vent registers don’t mean your entire system of ducts should be cleaned. You should only consider duct cleaning if some of these symptoms appear:

  • Animal excrement or nests
  • Foul odors
  • Persistent indoor allergies
  • Any signs of mold
  • After home renovations 

Avoid Furnace Repair Scams

You can avoid these frustrating situations altogether by working with credible companies like Blanco AC, Electrical & Plumbing. We’re always happy to provide a second opinion and get you on the right track for your heater repair. Your comfort is our top priority, and we prove it every day with our top-quality service.

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