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Why Is My AC So Loud?

April 24, 2023 | Blog

It’s challenging to appreciate a nice, comfortable home if you turn on the air conditioner only to have your ears immediately blasted by rattles, buzzing noises or screeching and squeaking sounds. While some noises are not a problem and can be easily fixed, others are a warning sign of a more serious issue.

We’re examining the typical noises air conditioners make and what they might indicate. Let our years of industry experience help you determine whether you can troubleshoot the issue yourself or whether you need to schedule an air conditioner repair with Blanco AC, Electrical & Plumbing.


One of the more common noises you’ll hear from your HVAC system is buzzing, largely because there are so many possible causes for it. Try these troubleshooting solutions if you hear a loud buzz or hum:

  • Check for debris stuck in your unit.
  • Change the air filter.
  • Check for a frozen AC.

Your air conditioner can be frozen up if it buzzes and doesn’t produce cool air. If you suspect your air conditioner might be frozen up, turn your unit off for a while. You should contact a professional AC repair expert if this keeps happening since you may have a refrigerant leak.


A quiet AC hum varies slightly from the loud AC buzz brought on by the problems mentioned above. Low humming noises should be immediately addressed because they often indicate issues with the electrical wiring or voltage. Protect your home from the damage of an electrical fire by calling our team right away.


Determine the source of any loud squeaking or squealing sounds before doing anything else. If the noise is coming from outside, it’s usually the compressor motor or a broken fan motor. The blower fan that draws in warm air and puts out cooled air may be malfunctioning if the noise is coming from the inside unit.

The squeaking or squealing sound could also be caused by an older fan belt that is worn out. Whatever the problem, you will need to hire a skilled AC repair company to your home to repair it.


If you hear a loud clanking or banging noise, it’s probably coming from your air conditioner’s compressor, which circulates the coolant to chill the air. Parts that become loose due to wear and strain, such as a connecting rod or crankshaft, may rattle or bang against the metal shell’s inside. If this occurs, you’ll likely need to replace your compressor because an AC technician won’t be able to repair a compressor – the entire device will need replacement if it’s worn out or damaged.

The blower or outdoor fan may also be out of balance, which will result in the fan blades bashing into other components and making a banging or clanking noise. Again, this needs to be resolved immediately to prevent more damage or a costly breakdown.

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