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Do I Need A Backup Generator?

December 27, 2022 | Blog

Backup generators serve as a temporary solution for when your power fails, usually due to a power outage. They work exactly how the name suggests – generating energy for your home when the central system fails. This is usually due to severe weather or property damage.

Here at Blanco A/C, Electrical & Plumbing, we know how a power outage can affect the entirety of your home. Losing power from a storm can lead to a chain reaction of events. Without power, you risk your home taking more damage during severe weather. We’re here to offer you the solution to these unexpected outages!

Here are some things to consider before investing in a backup generator:

Backup Generator Benefits

A backup generator is worth considering if you live in an area prone to flooding, severe storms or prolonged power outages. They have many advantages other than preventing property damage and saving money. If you decide to purchase a backup generator, always seek out a licensed professional for installation.

Temperature Regulation

Imagine your power going out during a blizzard or even just during snowfall. Not knowing when you’ll have heat again is risky, especially if temperatures outside are hazardous. In instances like this, a backup generator will ensure that your HVAC system continues to run, keeping you and your family at a comfortable temperature.

Spoiled Food

If your fridge isn’t opened during the duration of the power outage, the food inside will last about four hours before it becomes unsafe to eat. Food in freezers lasts about 24-48 hours. Seeing that it only takes a couple of hours for perishables such as eggs and meat to spoil, a backup generator will allow your fridge to run without interruptions, keeping all your groceries safe and ready to eat.

Staying In Place

Some of the most severe outages take days to repair, forcing people to evacuate their homes. You can avoid the hassle of spending extra money on booking a hotel or staying with family and friends with a backup generator. The generator will provide several days’ worth of power, allowing you to stay in place and ample time for the power to be restored.

Instant Power

Power outages can be terrifying, especially if the weather outside is dangerous. The most important aspect of backup generators is that they’ll ensure that your home continues to run smoothly. You want to stay comfortable and safe, especially during emergencies on this scale. We rely heavily on the many systems in our home, so we wouldn’t want to go without them for too long!

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