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Light Switch Repair & Replacement

How many times a day do you flip on light switches in your home? Probably a lot — especially if you’re always turning off lights behind your kids! Light switches seem like such simple installments in our homes, but we definitely don’t want to take them for granted. The electrical system behind a light switch is actually more complicated than you think, and there are several ways an old or malfunctioning switch can become an inconvenience or a danger to your home.

Blanco AC, Electrical & Plumbing is here to make sure your light switches remain dependable and functional for your needs. Whether you’re ready to upgrade light switches or you need to replace a faulty one, our experts will make sure the job gets done right.

Reasons To Replace Your Light Switches

Light switches seem like such a permanent part of our homes, but there are many reasons why you should replace them over time. 

  • They are broken or don’t work anymore
  • They aren’t up to code
  • You want to upgrade 
  • You want a new design

Whether your light switches are actually broken or you’re just interested in bringing in something new, it’s important to make sure you keep safety at the front of your mind. We don’t recommend replacing light switches yourself because all forms of electricity have the potential to be dangerous. We wouldn’t want you to risk the safety of your family or your home when we’re just a call away!

How To Tell Your Light Switch Is Broken

Light switches can quickly become a frustrating part of your day if they break, but there are some symptoms of a broken light switch that might not be very apparent. Be on the lookout for any of these signs that your light switches may need replacing:

  • Time Delays — If it takes an unusually long time for the light to come on after you flip the switch, there may be some worn-out part in your light switch. While this problem merely seems annoying, it can point to a more serious problem if left unaddressed.
  • Strange Sounds — When you use your light switch, there should be no popping, sparking or hissing sounds. These noises indicate possible electrical arching in the switch that can easily cause a fire.
  • Temperature Rise — There is no normal reason why a light switch should feel hot to the touch. Your switch likely has a problem that should be checked out to avoid an electrical fire. 
  • No Light — Of course, if your light switch stops turning on your light altogether, you have an issue that needs to be solved!

Light Switch Upgrades: Dimming Switches

With the rise of technology, you may be looking to incorporate newer lighting options like dimmer switches in your home. Dimmer switches allow you to control how much light you want to allow in a room. Not only does this provide more accurate comfort and precise light levels, but it also can save you money. When you control how much energy is being used to light a room, you have an impact on your energy efficiency — even if it seems small!

What Is Light Switch Grounding?

Most electricity that runs throughout your home is contained by rubber wire casings. This is because electricity runs a little wild if it’s allowed to make its own path. When electricity makes its way into the circuits that allow light switches to work, it has the potential to escape — sometimes from electrical malfunctions or from power surges. To make sure this escaped electricity flows to a safe place, some light switches are grounded by a special wire. If your light switches don’t have a grounding wire, they are vulnerable to free-flowing electricity. Our team can make sure all your light switches are grounded, keeping your home as safe as possible! 

Your Professional Light Switch Team

Blanco AC, Electrical & Plumbing has made it our mission to provide safe and effective electrical solutions in your home. That’s why your light switch repair or replacement is best taken care of by our licensed electricians. We care about your home, so let us do what we do best! Contact our team today to schedule service!

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